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5 Ways to Add Color to your Photography with RGB Light

Dec 05,2021 | USKEYVISION

light wand

In the growing photography industry, it can be difficult to create outstanding and  truly unique photos. So why not use USKEY RGB Light Painter Pro LED Wall to add creative color elements to your photos? Whether you're an enthusiast or a professional, this versatile light painting tool may be a missing link  to pop your photos! I would like to see how you can use RGB light sticks in your photos, but here are five ideas to get you started.

1. Light Painting Fundamentals

light painting

Light painting is the most basic application for this RGB light wand! Light painting requires a lot of imagination because the subject is whatever you choose to make.

To begin, choose a dark place with no light streaming through to shoot your images. Even the tiniest amount of light might sabotage your shot. It's also a good idea to dress in dark colors so you don't show up in any of the images.

2. Photographing Products

light wand

Once you have mastered the basics of light painting, you can apply this technique to other aspects of your photo. Add rainbow streak light to the background to bring a simple product shot to life. Light painting with glass or translucent products is especially recommended to create a very unique light in your photos. 

3. Landscape photography

Now that it's smaller in the product photo, it's bigger in the landscape photo. You can use the RGB Light Painter Pro LED wall to create new light elements in your landscape or illuminate the already spectacular features of your landscape. In this photo, I used the light sticks in two different locations within a 20 second exposure. For the first 10 seconds, the green leaves were naturally exposed to pink light. Then I turned off the wand and used the blue light to create a stream-like illusion. We also used two iPhone flashlights to expose the tree trunk throughout the exposure.

wand light

4. Portrait photo

Who doesn't want their own unique portrait  with a mysterious light  background that surrounds them? Enhance your portrait games and create stunning silhouettes with the RGB Magic Wand. In these images, I posed in the light behind the model to create  a silhouette of the background that attracted attention. Tip: Use  shorter exposure times (less than 10 seconds), make sure your model is stationary, and avoid motion blur as much as possible.

light painting

5. Fill Lighting

light painting

Increase this shutter speed and use the LED wand as a fill light. In both scene simulation and RGB mode, you can use this extra light in any studio to capture the extra light that is sometimes needed to fill the set.

In this shoot, a light stick is placed in orange to give the photo a warm hue and complement the flowers in the bouquet.

Now that we've shown you some ways to use the new USKEYVISION RGB Light Stick, let's see how to add some color to your photography.