Anamorphic Lens - Why It is Recommended For Clear Cinematic Shots

Anamorphic Lens - Why It is Recommended For Clear Cinematic Shots

Anamorphic lens is an outstanding type of lens that gives a unique feel to images captured with it. So far, this type of lens has been an asset to creators like filmmakers and vloggers alike. As a creator who strive to bring out the best shots for your audience, you're faced with tough decisions of choosing the best lens when it comes to your masterpiece and that's where an anamorphic lens by USKEYVISION comes into play.

As a beginner in the creators world who wants affordable lens for high quality shots, anamorphic lens is the way to go. There is a reason its called the filmmakers favorite perhaps because of the outstanding look it brings to a shot.

Anamorphic lenses maximizes the use of the sensor by fitting more footage onto the sensor. Also changes the dimensions of an image in one axis thus allowing for a wider field of view and squeeze that same image onto a narrower sensor.

Think of it as a locked door, behind that door there’s the widescreen cinematic imagery we know from all our favorites blockbuster movies.

Anamorphic lenses have over time become the creators favorite; from professional cinematographers to up-and-coming independent filmmakers. Their ultra-wide rectangular aspect ratios, long horizontal flares and their oval bokeh has made them the ultimate go-to in the filmmaking world.

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anamorphic lens effect

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