How to Steady your Video Shots?

How to Steady your Video Shots?

Steady your shots is always our goal to make smooth and steady videography.

Introducing the VT-KC Tripod Ball-head Kit. 

The small but sturdy VT-KC Tripod supports your action camera, camera, and even gimbal stabilizer, so it can stand stably on all surfaces. It's super compact, fits in most camera bag or cases, and it will ensure you get rock-solid footage on every trip.
No matter your DSLR, SLR or Mirrorless camera, you can easily mount the camera on this tiny and strong tripod in seconds, while you can take it anywhere and ready to shot!
Even with your phone clip, you can set it up for your smartphone filmmaking or selfie videography.
uskeyvision tripod for camera mirrorlessuskeyvision tripod for camera mirrorless action camera tripod

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