Our Story

Our Story

IN 2017, USKEYVISION was born in Shenzhen to disrupt the overpriced and out-dated sunglasses,mobile phone accessories and camera accessories. Why are we called USKEY, which represents "YOU ARE KEY", while "Vision" are the main products that we can See Better Look Good with eyes. Just as the saying goes, "You are the apple in my eyes". USKEYVISION strives to be the apple in the vision industry.

Here we are located in the largest glasses industry base in Shenzhen, Pingshan District, but our blue collar workers could not afford a pair of sunglasses that they produced. Therefore, we decide to change this-- By designing the most-cost-effective vision accessories for our people to enjoy the original craftsmanship and technologies.

USKEYVISION benefits from direct access to the suppliers, raw materials, and young, creative talent pool necessary for sustained success. Drawing on these resources, we have grown from a single small office in 2017 and selling our branded products on Amazon since 2018.

The first project are UV1325 antiglare glasses and UV1430 series polarized sunglasses. When we make the best out of material and design to create the demo, we are not satisfied with the shape of frame and material quality. After testing different types of materials, such as acetate, TR and plastic, we find that acetate frame is perfect for the balance of quality and cost. Then we turn to some foreigner teachers who work in Shenzhen, they are so helpful to provide suggestions for upgrading.  

Now our branded products you can find in the United States,Japan,Russia,Middle East and Australia. As a privately owned and operated company, USKEYVISION focuses on our own vision, supporting creative, commercial, and nonprofit applications of new technology. Today, USKEVISION products are redefining fashion,gimbal and professional camera video accessories and help our customers shoot photography much stably, and with greater efficiency than ever before. We are moving on the way to invite more products to our customers.

Forecasting for the next move:

Vlog Kit, handheld Vlogging Setup Gear for iPhone and Android phones, even professional Gimbal for DSLR Camera.

More visionary gadgets will be in the next more, please follow and join USKEYVISION Ambassador for more news.

In this march to future, we are bold for innovation, creativity and share the freedom of interacting with our distinguished customers, suppliers and those who support us all over the world.

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