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What is an Anamorphic Lens and How to Use Anamorphic lens?

May 10,2020 | USKEYVISION

What is an anamorphic lens?
Video is the future of social media in the metaverse era. Now cinematographers, photographers, or filmmakers often use either spheric or anamorphic lenses. USKEYVISION 1.33X Anamorphic Lens and  1.55X Anamorphic Lens are specially designed to create oval lens flares and bokeh in the color of blue or purple. Also, the depth of field is shallower which creates an even more cinematic feeling just shown in the big movies.
An anamorphic lens stretches the image to a 2.40:1 aspect ratio for 1.33X anamorphic lens and 2.69: 1 for the USKEYVISION 1.55X anamorphic lens. After using the anamorphic lens on your phones, you’ll keep both the full resolution and the image quality of cinematic scenes or Hollywood movies.
Today, it is popular to create a cinematic video on social media, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram. Most smartphone photographers try to achieve it by using their phones. However, the key to creating a real cinematic look is using anamorphic lenses on the smartphone.
We can use any 17mm thread screw phone clip and phone case, our UVMP-12, MP-13 series case for you to mount with 1.33X anamorphic and 1.55X anamorphic lens. If you don’t know which settings to use USKEYVISION anamorphic lenses compatible apps, such as FotorGear or FilMicPro and ProMovie(Subscription May Occur), you will often miss capturing beautiful moments in daily life.
How to use an anamorphic lens?
The anamorphic lens phone metal clamp clip can be used to mount USKEYVISION anamorphic lens onto your phone’s prime lens. Then, focus on the prime lens first and after that, the anamorphic lens. It takes some practice though, especially when you want to focus on an object that’s not in the center of the frame. In fact, it’s easier to shoot landscapes with an anamorphic lens at first.
Now let's make the cinematic movies just like a Pro with our 1.55X and 1.33X anamorphic lens and phone case.