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  • What is a vlogging kit?

Answer: This is a smartphone vlogging kit that includes a vlog microphone, phone clip, tripod, video light, extension rod, and accessories pack. This is made for universal smartphones, great for vlogging video creation and smartphone filmmaking.

  • Why my iPhone could not recognize the accessories?

Answer: The 3.5mm audio connector with lightning connector can not be recognized due to the MFI(Made for iPhone)-certification, so highly recommend that you can use the original 3.5mm adapter cable for your USKEYVISION microphone or vlogging kit.

  • Why does my iPhone could not use this microphone?

Answer: lf your smartphone is equipped with USB-C or Lightning headphone Jack, please separately purchase a certified USB-C convert cable or lightning 3.5mm adapter cable (The 3.5mm lightning adapter cable doogle are NOT Included in the vlog kit).

  • What is an anamorphic lens?

Answer:  An anamorphic lenses have over time become a runaway favourite for everything from professional cinematographers to up-and-coming indie filmmakers. Their ultra-wide rectangular aspect ratios, long horizontal flares, and characteristic oval bokeh and blue flare has made these lenses the ultimate go-to in the filmmaking world. Moreover, the anamorphic lens changes the dimensions of an image on one axis; allowing for a wider field of view and squeezing that same image onto a narrower sensor. Essentially, these lenses maximize the use of the sensor by fitting more footage onto the sensor.

  • How does an anamorphic lens work?

Answer: The lenses provide an incredible aspect ratio. You can capture a 1.33X with 2.39:1,  or 1.55X with 2.69:1 aspect ratio footage using your regular phones, this gives a wide field of view that is distortion-free in the center. Even with close-ups, the distortion will be minimal. This wider ratio became known as CinemaScope.

Features 1: Widescreen and black bars

Anamorphic lens footage is also recognized for its cinematic black bars. This is what happens when you attempt to squeeze a wide aspect ratio onto a screen that has a narrower one. This is because the screen has to fill the shot side to side.

Features 2: Anamorphic lens flares and bokeh

Anamorphic Lens flares are when the lens and sensor capture light – yep, that’s pretty much it. So the anamorphic lens has a pretty unique type of flare and oval bokeh.