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Customer Voice

 This is exactly what is needed for my conference calls with clients! I turned on the light and was able to be in front of the camera with confidence. I love how easy it was to assemble and place on the back of my laptop. Being home sometimes lighting is an issue well this solves all of the lightening issues!


I am so happy that I purchased this vlogging equipment. The quality is great and it’s the best bang for your buck. The microphone sound is crisp and my phone fits tightly in the grip. I definitely recommend this set if you’re just getting into YouTube, product reviews, or unboxing videos.


I am really impressed with this product. I have been looking for a directional mic like this for self tapes. As an actor, I use a lav mic, but sometimes it rubs on clothing - which can be distracting in a scene. I tested this USKEY mic vs my lav and I was very pleased with how crisp and clear it was. There is even a service card included for additional support post-purchase, which is appreciated.


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