What is Gimbal Stabilizer and Why We Need Gimbal for Videography?

What is Gimbal Stabilizer and Why We Need Gimbal for Videography?

What is Gimbal stabilizer?

A gimbal is a stabilizing tool that uses motors and intelligent sensors to support and stabilize a camera, or smartphone, meaning you can film silky smooth video footage while on the move. Gimbals, on the other hand, are a more recent ‘digital’ kind of miniature stabilizer. They have their very own little brain and use sophisticated motion detecting abilities to essentially differentiate between the videographer’s intentional movements and unwanted camera shake. In Hollywood, film producers in the past typically employed very expensive Dollys or Steadicams that use physical moving parts to keep things steady. These tools aren’t computer assisted, so they require the operator to be highly skilled in using them.

Why we need a gimbal for videography?

It is no photographer that shaky shots can affect the artistic value and quality of a video. The slightest bumps might render the footage jerky and unusable; hence, it is advisable to avoid them at all cost. While most modern cameras come with in-body image stabilization paired with optical image stabilized lenses, they’re no match to the superior stabilization that one can get with 3-axis gimbals.

What happens when you need to take quality videos while moving around; trying to get the perfect shot of your subject?

At times, the in-built image stabilization of the camera might not come through for you as much as you would like.  Fortunately, advancements made in photography and supporting film equipment has made it possible for videographers to move around, capturing the best shots, while the camera footage remains ultra-stable. To achieve such, investing in a handheld gimbal stabilizer is the way to go.

A 3-axis handheld gimbal is a mechanical stabilizer that uses up to three rotation axes to keep the camera and smartphone much more steady than ever before. Some of the best gimbal stabilizers have three internal motors to compensate for accidental camera motions.

That is the reason why USKEYVISION strives to provide best handheld gimbal stabilizer products for our customers. Meanwhile you can find our neat gimbal stabilizer for smartphone, action camera and cameras for different videography scenarios.

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